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This resource is timely as I am navigating a pivot in my career, going through business school, building my personal brand, and developing my career.


I am in my late 20s and some of the things in this email I have never thought of, so thank you so much for sharing your experiences because It's helpful.


Pls send me more emails. I want to listen to your years. I’m experiencing what you wrote about and I do not want to step in the wrong direction. 


I am about to start a new job for a tech company and this email is literally all I need to have a clue on how to start! 


Fantastic advice nuggets - thank you for sharing! I'm so happy I signed up for this newsletter.


Your post appeared in my LinkedIn feed at the right time. And now I read this email and it helped me put things into perspective.


You're the reason I've been able to double, no, triple my income in about 3 years. 



I just want to thank you for sharing your career advice with everyone and facilitating an open, transparent discussion on a topic that most people shy away from.


Maya, this is a really cool resource. You're putting great stuff out there - keep it up!


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