$249.00 USD

The Promotion Accelerator: Make Your Next Promotion Inevitable!


What you'll learn:

How to repeatedly level up
Use an easy-to-follow step-by-step playbook to consistently qualify yourself for the next level in your career before your company thinks you are ready

How to consistently increase your earning potential
The more value you create, the more valuable you become. Learn how to generate off-the-charts ROI and make every salary negotiation go in your favor.

How to enlist stakeholders to go to bat for you 
People promote people. Learn how to build trust and gain influence, so you’ll have a handful of allies who are excited to speak on your behalf.

✅ How to deliver exceptional results and prove you are ready to level up
Learn how to think strategically so you can work less, but achieve more meaningful results.

How to ask for what you deserve - and get it!
Use tried and true templates to make your case and get through difficult conversations with confidence.

How to guarantee your promotion
Qualify yourself for an internal or external promotion so you don't need to rely on your employer.

🎁 BONUS: Get my Confidence Playbook for Mere Mortals to help you overcome imposter syndrome and gain the courage to go for the promotion you deserve!

What People Are Saying:

You're the reason I've been able to double, no, triple my income in about 3 years. I went from an IC to now Sr. Dir/VP roles. This strategy is invaluable!

David 'DJ' Oragui

I didn’t even ask for the promotion! They offered it to me just 6 months into this new role. They said they can see that I’m ready for the next level, and that I’ll make a bigger impact on the organization as a leader. I’m so grateful Maya. You changed my life.

Nurit Traistman

My CMO got back to me and I got exactly what I asked for! With this promotion, I have over 4Xed my salary and made it from intern to AVP in 8 years which is pretty damn amazing. I'm not sure if I would've had the confidence to do this so easily without your playbook.

Julia Cantuaria

I secured a promotion from my current company and I'm getting my first direct report, earlier than expected. I can't believe everything happened so quickly once I took control of my career and started taking action.

Matt Francsis